Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Certification Authority from the National Emergency Medical Technicians in Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Clients receive customized training to make sure their specific needs are met. Whether in the battlefield or on civilian streets, TCCC guidelines are followed to ensure the highest standard of care is shared with each client. Students that completes the training and pass a final written exam will receive a NAEMT certification as a TCCC First Responder and 16 CEUs.

Students are taught the most expedient way to save a casualty’s life. Proven in real world combat , reports have been received from the front lines that our military personnel, with little or no medical back ground, are following these life-saving TCCC guidelines and lives are being saved.

Whatever environment one may find themselves in, whether at home or abroad, there may be a time when medical support may be delayed. This is why it is important to know what to do to save a life.

Practical exercises are inserted between the classroom instruction to facilitate the learning process. Our instructors provide a personal approach in the practical hands-on training, which will further enhance the student’s ability to learn specific techniques. A final training exercise can be developed to test the student’s capability to perform what has been taught in the classroom.

The final training exercise can be customized for each of our clients meeting their specific needs. We attempt to duplicate the environment that clients will most likely find themselves in.

Certified American Safety and Health Institute Advanced Training Center

Trauma Training FX is a Certified Advanced Training Center. Our Virginia Beach Training Center ID number is 53350. All our instructors are certified American Safety and Health Institute, and regional or nationally certified. We specialize in First Responder Training and any other health care needs that may arise when treating a casualty/patient. We pride ourselves in training clients with the most advanced skills that not only meet, but exceed the desired training. Our course of instruction follows Nationally Recognized curriculum.

We offer the courses at our Virginia Beach Training Center:

Basic First Aid
Emergency First Responder

Combat Life Saver Course (CLS)

Trauma Training FX specializes in training our troops in the Combat Life Saver Course of Instruction. We have the ability to instruct and train large groups how to save lives on the battlefield. Our instruction follows the CLS guidelines ensuring that each of the students gains proficiency in: stopping a major bleed, protecting an airway, treating and managing a compromised chest, to include the recognition of a tension pneumothorax, and how to treat the injury.