Hear what our clients have to say:

“I have been in law enforcement as a Police Officer/Federal Agent for 34 years, and I have spent the last 10 years in South West Asia working with and teaching counter narcotic to foreign police officers. I had the opportunity to attend an advanced Tactical Combat Causality Care (TCCC) course provided by Fred Kolberg from Trauma Training FX. Fred is an excellent instructor and relates the training to his real world experience. Fred provided this course to many Americans who are serving here in Afghanistan. This training is vital to our survival in the field and as we travel throughout this war torn country.

“The course that Fred and his company has put together comes from his experience as a retired Navy SEAL medic and real world practical medicine. The curricula, presentations, videos and the practical exercises all put together are the best medical training that I have ever participated in. Fred can prepare your officers, agents or even EMS to survive devastating injuries and save the lives of their partners. I strongly recommend all law enforcement officers attend this valuable TCCC course. Fred is committed to saving lives and teaching everyone the important skills need to complete this,” – William Dyer Supervisory Special Agent DEA / Retired / Team Leader Counter Narcotic Training Team / Kabul Afghanistan

“I’ve been working in the law enforcement and security industry for over 30 years and have also attended numerous public safety/law enforcement training courses, but last month I had the opportunity to attend one of the supreme and applicable tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) certification courses ever designed for the public safety community, especially the civilians that are working in a military combat zone.

Mr. Fred Kolberg (T2 Training) was very knowledgeable in terms of both, substance and delivery. Fred’s personal tactical combat care stories while serving as a Navy SEAL medic played a significant role in his presentation and training curriculum. The course information was very easy to understand. I strongly recommend every law enforcement officers in the country to try and attend one of the T2Training courses that are designed for the law enforcement community. Fred’s dedication, motivation and commitment to the public safety sector have illustrated his constant professionalism,” – John C. Myers, International Law Enforcement SME.

“The best medical class I have taken in over 15 years of training and deploying. First time training and learning TCCC principles.”

“On Monday June 17, 2013 at 3:17 a.m. Adrian Police officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex for a large fight.  The first unit arriving found two males had been stabbed, one multiple times in the chest and the other in the upper arm.  Officer Eric Adams, with assistance from Officer Leslie Keane and Deputy Todd Brissette, began patient care using the T2 Trauma IFAK.  Officer Adams applied a C.A.T. to one victims arm and was able to control the arterial bleeding until the scene could be secured for medical services.  Officer Adams applied the HALO chest seal to 3 deep stab wounds to patient two’s sucking chest wounds.  Both victims were turned over to medical and transported to trauma centers for immediate surgery.   Applying the techniques learned in a T2 class in 2011 officers were able to save both victims lives”.

“The most realistic med course I have ever taken. Great delivery method, small groups”.

“Excellent course, was the best training I’ve ever had in 11 years in the Navy”.

“The material was presented in an easy to understand way, as well as visually and hands-on practical. The end evaluation was very realistic”.

“Moulage very realistic, awesome job”.

“I liked the practicality and tools to intervene in a trauma scenario any where”. (ER Doctor)

“Practical exercise with immediate de-brief. Small class size led to relevant and critical discussions that did not interfere with the instructors cadence of delivery or overall schedule”.

“Fred and his entire staff were amazing. The professionalism and passion for this training that they brought to the table were second to none and I would rate this as THE BEST TRAINING I HAVE ATTENDED IN 14 YEARS OF SERVICE. Rarely have I sat, riveted, through three days of training and the culmination exercise was so well put together that it felt about as close to a “real-life” scenario as I have experienced in a training environment………Thank you for all that your company is doing to protect and save lives. Fred, the service you provided your country has been exemplary. To see that you continue to serve your country, and those that seek to protect it now, in this way is appreciated more than I can express and truly is a motivation”.
– Lansing, Michigan

“Local fire department (Palmyra Township) in Adrian, Michigan was dispatched to an intoxicated subject who had been in a fight and put his arm through a window. They arrived and found the man had severed his artery in his upper arm. One medic was holding pressure with a towel but it wasn’t cutting it. “Kid”, (Jared Gentner) who went through Trauma Training FX, class, grabbed a pack he had made up with items from class and applied a CAT tourniquet. Bleeding controlled! Emergency Room docs said without using it the patient would have bleed out. Jared has very little experience and is only a basic EMT, but he showed the medics how it’s done!”