The Tactical Training team is uniquely qualified to develop and conduct both discussion-based exercises (i.e. seminars, workshops and tabletop exercises) and operations-based exercises (i.e. drills, functional exercises and full-scale exercises) for all jurisdictional levels.

Our team draws from expertise in the areas of:

  • Emergency response
  • Emergency medicine
  • Public health
  • National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)

Each training team member has decades of experience in their respective areas of expertise, as well as decades of training, exercise program development and delivery experience.

Culmination Exercises

All training exercises are developed with the end user in mind. Depending on each client’s needs, a specialized experience is created that will test every facet of the emergency response system in question. From the beginning to the end of each culmination exercise the Tactical Training team has the ability to test:

  • Initial response notification
  • Tactical response considerations
  • Communication
  • Command and Control
  • On scene management
  • Management of wounded personnel
  • Medical evacuation response
  • Hospital mass casualty capability

Every phase of operation can be tested. Client’s local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be tested and fine-tuned. A client’s corporate Emergency Action Plan (EAPs) can also be tested.